Expected in Summer 2020, Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) will soon be available for Sage 100cloud. Previously available for other Sage accounting products, Sage 100 now joins the lineup of ERP applications that seamlessly integrate with this powerful, enterprise-level BI reporting tool.

What is SEI?

Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is an intuitive, web-based reporting tool that helps you make faster, more informed business decisions. It does that by converting massive amounts of data from across your entire Sage 100cloud system (not just your financial modules) into meaningful insight and powerful real-time reports.

Plus, SEI provides data visualization tools such as gauges, charts, and dashboards that help you more easily spot trends, trouble spots, and opportunities.

Is It Different than Sage Intelligence?

In a nutshell, SEI is a more powerful and robust business intelligence (BI) platform featuring advanced capabilities not available in the current Sage Intelligence reporting tool.

If you’ve been using Sage 100 for a while, you probably recall that Sage Intelligence was chosen as a replacement for the retired FRx financial reporter. While Sage Intelligence goes far beyond what FRx was capable of, it still has roots in core financial reporting functions.

Sage Enterprise Intelligence, on the other hand, can help you get a clear picture of your whole business and develop collaboration across departments. Out of the box, it can be used to analyze inventory, sales and customer service, production, purchasing, budget management, and more.

Easy to Use and Access

While SEI offers an optional Excel add-on, the product is natively web-based.  For those less comfortable with Excel spreadsheets and formulas, you’ll find that the drag-and-drop interface of Sage Enterprise Intelligence is easy to use with no special technical skills required.  And because it’s web-based, SEI can be accessed and shared using a variety of devices, including your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Some key features of SEI include:

  • Real-time data updates, fully integrated with Sage 100 (beyond GL/financial integration)
  • Drill-down and drill-up to see transaction details
  • Fast processing of large data volumes
  • Ready-to-use KPIs and reporting templates
  • Web-based interface with mobile capabilities

With Sage Enterprise Intelligence, you’ll go beyond the limits of spreadsheets to unlock the true power of your data and transform it into actionable business insight.