Sage Fixed Assets 2022 is now available for download. Here’s a look at what’s new in the latest version of the powerful fixed asset management software.

New Features Overview

Here’s an overview of the new features or enhancements to existing functionality that have been added in Sage Fixed Assets 2022.

Import Asset Disposal Information: You can import disposal information for multiple assets using custom import. Now, hundreds of items can be fully disposed of in minutes (subscription version only).

Asset List: Quickly see total values for numeric fields, like Cost or NBV, on all assets in a group, without having to run a report.

Reorder Batch Reports: Reorganize the order of your batch reports with ease.

Intuitive Depreciation This Run Enhancement (DTR): Whether disposals are entered before or after running depreciation for the current period, DTR is now correct without manually recalculating depreciation for disposals entered in the current month.

Asset List Export to Excel: Lists of assets exported to Excel now display a frozen header row for convenient reference while scrolling vertically. In addition, a new total row sums numeric columns.

Advanced Search options in Help: Answers are now easier to find within the built-in help system with the addition of logical search terms and filters using operands such as “and”, “or” and “near.”  Results are displayed by rank, and you can also reorder the results list alphabetically by clicking the title header.

New Drag and Drop Capability

The following screens now feature drag-and-drop capability to easily reorder or move fields.

  • Customize Asset List (Depreciation) 
  • Batch Reports (Depreciation)
  • Inventory Helper (Tracking)
  • Global Task Manager (Premier Depreciation)

Fixed Assets Scanner v2.0

The Sage Fixed Assets Scanner app for Android has the following updates:

  • Integrated with Unitech built-in scanner
  • Increased space between the edit, upload, and trash icons on the asset list to select the correct option more easily and avoid mistakes
  • Chat with support directly through the app

Contact us with your questions about Sage Fixed Assets or if you need help with an upgrade to Version 2022.