Outdated or manual processes can slow a warehouse’s efficiency. In an ever-changing technology landscape and a shift toward automation, warehouse operators are constantly evaluating which additions they can implement to increase efficiency. For example, automation of the scanning and tracking of inventory.

License plating is central to identifying pallets of materials and products. This tool aims to move pallets or groups of materials quickly from one location to another without needing to scan each individual item.

By implementing inventory license plating, warehouse workers can access critical data more efficiently and quickly by scanning one label. Let’s better understand what license plating is, what the benefits are, and how it works.

Inventory License Plating Explained

License plating appears to be a highly effective way to move items around the warehouse, but how does it work? License plating is a way to track and group inventory using a unique identifier, usually a License Plate Number (LPN) label.

LPN labels typically contain information related to materials, including item, quantity, serial number, lot number, location, inventory status, manufacture date, and expiration date. They can be assigned to a pallet, truck, product set, etc.

The LPN is tracked via barcode or RFID onto an LPN label. The scan provides all information in the LPN, making outdated manual inventory processes a thing of the past. Manual processes are time-consuming. They also cost your workforce time and have the potential for human error.

How License Plating Benefits Your Operations

Technology and automation have contributed to improved warehouse operations and revenue growth. Inventory scanning can be automated so workers can locate and transfer items within the warehouse using one single identifier.

LPN labels allow multiple items to be picked with a single scan, thereby streamlining pick routes. By grouping the frequently purchased products together, you save time and effort instead of having to scan each item individually when the group of products comes in.

You can identify exact locations, accelerate shipments, and improve product quality with a single license plate scan management, faster operations and productivity, and reduced errors due to rushing a manual process or human error.

Additionally, inventory license plating supports other forms of advanced operations you may have on hand, such as wave and directed picking.

Do You Need Inventory License Plating?

Inventory license plating is necessary for any warehouse that wants to work with efficient processes and keep up with current technology.

If you aren’t fully convinced, here are some sure signs that inventory license plating is not only vital, but that it will drastically improve your accuracy and efficiency:

  • Phantom inventory: inventory that you believe is in stock when it actually is not
  • Lotted or Serialized: inventory valuation requires more steps to get the product where it needs to be
  • Palletized inventory
  • Product tracking system or process that is slow and outdated
  • Compliance with labeling requests is difficult
  • Warehouse operations are slow, inefficient, or outdated
  • Shipments are not planned and managed properly

ScanForce Streamlines Your Warehouse

In order for a business to continue to grow and succeed, technology and automation are crucial. Controlling inventory, for example, is one of the most critical factors influencing the success or failure of your supply chain.

Inventory license plating is a simple and effective way to optimize inventory control. Process efficiency is crucial, and this can be achieved most effectively through the use of leading-edge technologies.

ScanForce’s Multi-Bin and License Plating solutions for Sage 100 can meet your current needs and grow your business into the future.

Some essential features include:

  • Ability to track a unique ID for a group of items
  • Receive, produce, transfer or move, and sell complete pallets
  • Build a pallet by adding items
  • Disassemble a pallet by removing items
  • Features customized to your individual needs

Making the right technology choice for your business can be challenging. For Sage 100 users, ScanForce has developed supply chain software solutions and can provide strategic guidance on ways to optimize supply chain performance.

Stop wasting time on manual, outdated processes. Contact us today to see what inventory license plating can do for your warehouse operations!