Companies that are evaluating ERP software and new business procedures need to identify everyday users and roles as well as management’s needs. In order to find the perfect ERP fit, companies need to include every person impacted by the software in the evaluation process.

Not only do companies need the IT staff to evaluate current hardware and updates, but they also need to develop a check list of real “needs” followed by the company’s “wants”.  If the list of needs can be agreed upon and if the ERP system can accomplish at least 80% of those needs, the company has found a pretty good fit.

Don’t dwell on the issues that cannot be addressed right away; instead, focus on the value and time saved with the other issues that are addressed.

Usually, the business owner will push this off to someone in the company who starts the research phase and narrows down the list of ERP favorites.  For the initial ERP software selection meeting, the appropriate team needs to be present. Without all of the key people there, the company risks selecting software that is not the right fit. I know that everyone is busy and doesn’t always have time for these meetings, but it is important to invite all of the key players, decision makers and users in order to find the perfect ERP software for your company. Without the proper staff in the ERP selection process, everyone’s needs may not be addressed, resulting in the same predicament you are in with your current business software solution.

After every meeting, make sure your ERP selection team debriefs and discusses the function each ERP package offers with a list of pros and cons. This list will be more effective in the ERP selection process with the support of the right evaluation team for your company.

If you have already developed an ERP selection team and are interested in investing in Sage 100 ERP, contact us today. We are a certified Sage 100 ERP reseller and offer Sage 100 ERP training as well as business software consultation.

Make sure that you have selected the appropriate team to make your ERP investment a success. Download our whitepaper, “Solving Real Business Issues During the ERP Selection Process”, to learn more about the importance of your ERP software selection team.

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