With the newest release of Sage ERP MAS 200 for Microsoft SQL Server, you might be wondering if an upgrade is right for you. So let’s explore a few of the reasons that a company would consider ERP and accounting software that runs on a SQL Server database.

Not Your Grandfather’s MAS 200 SQL
First it’s worth noting that as of version 4.45 released in 2010, the “guts” of MAS 200 SQL were completely overhauled. Compared to legacy 3.x versions (2010 and prior), today’s MAS 200 SQL runs on a “true” SQL database with all the security, performance, and scalability you’d expect.

It’s All About the Database
When you run accounting software that’s designed natively for SQL Server, data is stored and processed more efficiently than “standard” versions of Sage ERP MAS 90 or MAS 200. As a result, here are a few of the benefits you’d see:

  • Speed and Performance – When you’re running SQL Server, reports come up quicker, transactions are processed more efficiently, and lookups are blazing fast.
  • Scalability – Even as you add more customers, more inventory items, and more transactions, MAS 200 SQL won’t even blink. You get the same blazing speed and consistency because the database scales up as you grow.
  • Plays Nice with Others – Building seamless integration with other SQL-based software applications is quicker and easier.
  • Queries & Reporting – With the SQL database structure, a whole other world of reporting and analytical capabilities will open up for you.
  • Security and Stability – Built-in features like mirroring and replication help ensure your ERP system is up and running all day, every day. Microsoft SQL Server also includes top-notch encryption technology and security features that prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive financial data.

But SQL is Not for Everyone
MAS 200 SQL may not be for everyone. All the database bells and whistles may also require in-house IT expertise or a capable technology partner (like us!) that can help you harness the power of SQL Server. Otherwise, it’s like buying a Ferrari but never leaving your driveway. Furthermore if your current MAS 90 or MAS 200 software runs smoothly, is secure, and performs to your satisfaction, an upgrade to SQL may not be right for you. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Learn About Sage ERP MAS 200 SQL
Contact us for MAS 200 SQL pricing or to discuss whether a faster and more powerful database can help your business become more efficient and effective.

Or download the MAS 200 SQL Brochure (PDF) to learn about available modules and features.