the cloudIf you think you’ve never used cloud computing, think again. While in the past programs and applications were run via downloaded software, now the cloud gives users access to the same things via the internet. Did you update your Facebook status? You used cloud computing. What about checking your bank balance on your phone? Cloud again. Shooting emails from a mobile device? Yup, the cloud.

But, more than the personal satisfaction of posting that latest cat video to your social media feed, cloud computing offers a tremendous number of benefits to businesses, as well. In fact, there are so many benefits that nearly three quarters of businesses are already using cloud technology one way or another, with another 18 percent planning to implement soon. When combined with big data, mobility, and security, the cloud can boost revenue up to 53 percent faster. Here’s why.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Think about rain clouds for a moment instead of data clouds. Rain clouds grow according to how much moisture is in the atmosphere. They shrink when the moisture is released, and the “demand” on them is lessened. Cloud computing is similar. As your company’s data needs increase, the cloud expands to accommodate it. If you have one user on the system working late at night, it shrinks your usage so that you are using less.

More importantly, cloud computing can scale up as you need more bandwidth for your customers. Manufacturers with heavy seasonal demands may find that cloud computing easily adjusts and flexes to the demands at specific times of year when order volume is high. During other times of the year, when the volume is low, their computer demands decrease. Instead of investing in new hardware to handle the high-volume time periods, cloud computing adjusts with the needs easily and swiftly.

Add More Users Easily

Another way in which the cloud can expand to fit your business is by easily adding new users onto the system at any given time. A busy warehouse may need to add temporary workers during certain seasons. The cloud can accommodate more logins without adding unnecessary terminals or additional software packages.

You can also add users from multiple locations. Some companies use freelance office workers, marketing, or sales people to supplement their workforce. With cloud-based systems, you can add additional workers easily onto the system. They can access the database through their home computers, tablets, or smartphones. All you need is a web connection. It’s an easy way to get everyone working from the same data and keeping your systems up-to-date, no matter who accesses them.

Increased Security

One concern that many business owners have when they consider cloud computing is the security level. Cloud computing works off shared servers, and companies often worry their data may be compromised or somehow less secure when it is kept off-site than when it is housed on hard drives within their four walls. Cloud computing companies have some of the strictest security protocols available in place to ward off viruses and hackers intent on damaging or stealing data. You can’t “accidentally” access anyone else’s data on the cloud, so your company’s information is secure. Cloud computing is secure computing.

The One Cloud You’re Happy to Have Around

Cloud computing has moved from “nice to have” to a necessity as more businesses embrace cloud technology. It’s simple to use, highly secure, and less expensive than older technologies.

Many systems can run off the cloud. CRM systems, for example, offer excellent cloud-based platforms and coverages. Some businesses also base their financial and accounting systems on cloud software. Who among us hasn’t used simple cloud storage solutions from the big computer companies? These companies offer cloud-based storage and software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

With cloud computing becoming the new business standard, Acumatica Cloud ERP is answering the call to become one of the fastest growing cloud solutions on the market. Acumatica Cloud ERP empowers your business to scale quickly, add users, and access any time, anywhere around the world. Small and mid-sized companies can not only expand, but also now support their continued growth using Acumatica.

If that sounds like a solution your company could use, then it’s time to look at Acumatica. For more information, download our Why Choose Acumatica white paper, and contact us here online or by calling 830-252-6154.