Acumatica, one of the leading cloud-based ERP platforms, supports small and mid-sized businesses by centralizing data, automating workflows, and organizing operations. The Acumatica team is constantly updating their products to integrate improved technology, innovative features, and user-requested changes into their software.

Acumatica just released their R2 2023 update. This update includes many new features that will save your company time and money. If your company already has Acumatica, the system will need to be updated to take advantage of these new features. If you’re in the market for an ERP, read on to find out more about how Acumatica can transform your business.

New Features in Acumatica R2 2023

Here are some of the new features in Acumatica R2 2023:

  • New CRM features: The new update includes streamlined returns, easier and more secure email administration, and integration with Gmail. What’s more, the software can now automatically assign contacts, accounts, leads, and other sales opportunities to sales reps based on their territories.

  • Updated financial models: Acumatica R2 2023 has integrated an entirely new payment processing system, allowing customers to make ACH and credit card payments easily and securely. The software can also now calculate overtime even more precisely, even printing that information on employees’ paystubs to allow for straightforward communication.

  • Mobile app updates: Acumatica provides users with a fully integrated, powerful mobile app to go along with their software. Acumatica has also released new updates to its mobile app. Now, a user can display only relevant tabs on their app, making it easier to focus.

  • Custom workflows: Custom workflows are a cornerstone of Acumatica. With R2 2023, it’s easier to create custom workflows for different order types, enhancing efficiency.

  • Easier bank reconciliation: The new update simplifies monthly bank reconciliation by automatically mapping fields and enhancing your ability to manage credit card receipts.

  • Custom field elements: New actionable custom field elements can help users quickly navigate to external sites for information or reference, saving time that would otherwise be spent navigating out of the software.

  • Smart text completion: Acumatica R2 2023 has now incorporated smart text completion features into its interface. The system uses intelligent text completion to make recommendations for particular fields based on past entries. This feature can improve efficiency and save time across the company.

  • Global document recognition: Acumatica has taken advantage of AI and machine learning to upgrade its document recognition capabilities. Within R2, users can also add branches, locations, and complex language recognition if you work with multiple markets.

  • Acumatica Manufacturing enhancements: The manufacturing edition of Acumatica has several new features in R2—notably, a new cost-control feature and simplified production order ticket printing. Also, manufacturers can now streamline setup for cost accountants through a new user role and extend Product Configurator.

  • … and more! Many other industry-specific editions of Acumatica have received updates in R2. Ask your company’s ERP vendor for more details about the updates to the particular system your business uses.

Ready to Update or Implement Acumatica?

Of course, all these exciting features are only available to companies that upgrade their Acumatica systems. This can be a complicated process, so it’s best to partner with an experienced ERP vendor like ASI.

If your business will benefit from all these new features, reach out to the ASI team. Our experts are ready to help update, customize, and integrate your Acumatica ERP. If your company is interested in implementing Acumatica for the first time, contact us or schedule a free consultation to learn about the many benefits of Acumatica and how ASI can create an ERP implementation that works best for you.