Mobile-ERP-Software-Improves-Productivity-and-ProfitabilityHow many times did you use your mobile phone or tablet just today? What about over the past week? If you are like most of the general population, you have no way of knowing how many times you’ve used your mobile devices over the past week, or even the past day. Mobile technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives that we do not even think about using it – we just do. As businesses try to figure out the role mobile plays in the workplace and how to protect employees time and company security, more attention is being paid to the benefits of pairing mobile technology with business management solutions such as ERP, CRM and manufacturing software.

How Mobile ERP Software Changed the Game for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
In terms of ERP software especially, mobile technology has changed the way businesses work. ERP software already works to streamline the operational efficiency of companies that have it in place; however, with mobile versions of the same software, that efficiency is expanded, allowing many companies to experience even greater amounts of efficiency. Mobile technology delivers real-time information directly into the hand of the mobile user, allowing managers and executives to make faster and more informative decisions, leading to a more promising and well-planned future.

Mobile ERP also helps companies support the trend of the mobile workforce. In today’s day and age, it is important for remote and off-site employees to have access to the same data and information their counterparts are privy to inside the business office. This allows more to get done on a daily basis and prevents any significant delays from remote or off-site workers waiting to enter information into the company’s system or obtain an important report for final decision-making. The collaboration that occurs when a business uses mobile ERP software is natural and effective. Employees all across the organization (even around the world) can have access to the same real-time information and use it to streamline almost every process in every area of the company, including finance, production, human resources, and customer relationship management.

3 Ways Businesses Can Use Mobile Technology to Boost Productivity and Profitability

While it’s obvious that mobile ERP and other business management solutions work to streamline processes and data entry, there are some other, lesser-known benefits of mobile technology that can truly impact your business. When used correctly, mobile technology can lead to a substantial boost in productivity and profits, allowing businesses to gain a leg up over the competition and meet current business goals.

Here are three ways small and mid-sized businesses can utilize mobile technology solutions to boost their productivity and increase profitability:

1. Sharing information through mobile avenues to speed up the development of new products, upgrades, and business plans. This allows companies to obtain immediate feedback from both employees and consumers, leading to faster research and development so companies can stay ahead of the competition. By utilizing their mobile solutions and engaging with consumers at a mobile level, the information avenue expands, leading to more insight at a higher rate and faster product returns.

2. Creating mobile ad campaigns to engage customers and prospects. The majority of today’s consumers read emails, look at Facebook, and shop from their mobile devices, so why not create specified marketing campaigns for the mobile user? Whether you utilize SMS (text) messaging, mobile websites, QR codes, banner ads, social media posts, or mobile applications, mobile can help you get your message out to the consumer at a quicker – and oftentimes better received – rate.

3. Develop a mobile app to speed up the ordering or service process. Today’s consumers love apps for their ease and convenience. Businesses who develop mobile applications to help streamline the ordering process of products and services often see a quick return on their efforts. By making it easier for your customers to order from your company (and even view the status of their orders and services), you make it easier for your company to meet profitability goals.

If you are innovative in your use of mobile technology, you can easily transform your business and begin meeting profitability and productivity goals. Contact us to learn how you can “go mobile” today.