Are you considering a multi-modal approach to manufacturing? Many manufacturers are contemplating such a shift in their approach. However, you may also be wondering if your current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is up to the task—or even if you should have more than one ERP. We’ve got good news: modern ERPs like Acumatica can support multiple manufacturing modes. Read on to find answers to some of your questions about multi-modal manufacturing and your ERP.

Is Multi-Modal Manufacturing Right for Me?

More and more manufacturers are moving to a multi-modal approach, in which they create components or finished goods in several different ways. Make-to-order or make-to-stock manufacturers often use a V-model process, transforming multiple raw materials into a single product. On the other hand, batch process manufacturers or remanufacturers often use an A-model process in which one raw material is made into several different finished goods. With multi-modal manufacturing, both models can be used in the same plant.

Multi-modal manufacturers can adjust to variable demand and switch models depending on their customers’ needs. They are therefore more efficient and have higher potential for profits. A multi-modal manufacturing approach can help you create products more efficiently, reduce costs, use equipment and personnel effectively, and flexibly respond to customer demand.

Can My ERP Handle Multiple Modes?

That depends! Legacy ERP systems often cannot handle multi-modal manufacturing. Most older systems can only handle one manufacturing approach in each plant. Trying to retrofit these systems can lead to chaos and disconnected systems: the opposite of what an ERP should be. However, modern manufacturing ERP systems like Acumatica can accommodate multi-modal manufacturing easily.

How do Modern ERPs Help?

Modern ERP systems like Acumatica can track multiple modalities effortlessly. Add-ons and integrations have improved their flexibility, allowing manufacturing companies to expand beyond monolithic production silos and diversify their approach to manufacturing.

Acumatica manufacturing is a single-view platform that connects e-commerce to the main ERP. It features a robust inventory management system that includes native warehouse applications, making managing inventory for make-to-stock manufacturers easier. Acumatica also includes embedded apps for product configuration and engineering change control.

Can My ERP Adapt to Future Changes?

Technology changes at a whirlwind pace. Acumatica is ready to adapt to it. As new technologies have emerged over the last few years, Acumatica has incorporated them, adding functionality, convenience, and efficiency benefits. Its native CRM (customer relationship management) system, powerful business applications, and strong financial management abilities make Acumatica a necessity for manufacturers interested in the latest technological innovations.

Not only can Acumatica adapt to many changes, but it also centralizes control over the many varied pieces of your manufacturing puzzle. Acumatica provides real-time insights from every department and allows you to access data at any time, in any place, and on any device you need. You have end-to-end control over production, no matter what mode you are currently using. Acumatica even includes automated order management and streamlined procurement processes. Acumatica expands the possibilities of your manufacturing approach while also simplifying your management duties.

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