Acumatica users love the product, but what you may not know is that Acumatica’s multicloud approach offers you great benefits.

In years past, companies that wanted to offer robust software had to invest thousands of dollars into servers, software, and the infrastructure that went along with that investment. More importantly, they had to hire people to manage the servers and write the scripts needed for them. It was time-consuming, expensive, and hard to update.

Cloud computing has changed this system forever. No longer are companies required to purchase expensive hardware and software. Instead, “rented” or shared space in a multicloud environment provides them with exceptional computing power at a fraction of the cost of the older systems.

Benefits of the Multi-Cloud Environment

Cloud computing offers businesses many advantages. Some of these advantages are obvious. The costs are less given that you no longer need to invest in expensive software. But some aren’t quite as obvious. Here’s a rundown of the many benefits of a multi-cloud environment:

  • Automatic software updates: Before using cloud-based software, every time the software company issued an update, you’d have to run out and buy the new program. Then you would have to install it on multiple computers throughout your company. This was time-consuming and tedious, as well as expensive. New, cloud-based software updates at the central point so that everyone accessing it sees the updates. The web-based environment ensures that everyone is using the same version.
  • Security features: Companies running their own software and servers have to maintain their own security features. Like software, security such as anti-virus and other types of software must be updated and maintained. Time and resources are used to keep these services at peak performance. Cloud-based systems have their own powerful security features already in place. Much of the burden of keeping the information secure and safe is off your shoulders.
  • Automatic backups: There’s nothing worse than having a computer fail and take all your hard work with it, along with key programs that you need to do your job. When you use multicloud systems, software and other information is automatically backed up. It’s peace of mind for a busy company.
  • Easier data access: Cloud-based systems run from a web-based interface. Wherever you can find a web connection, you can access your programs and data. Use your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s convenient but also quite useful for companies with mobile workforces or those with multiple locations.
  • Cost savings: Cloud systems cost less to access and use than older site-based systems. You do not need to invest in expensive infrastructure, programming, or personnel to maintain the system. All of these features are generally included in your cloud-based license. The resulting cost savings can be invested back into your business for future growth.

These and other benefits make cloud computing very appealing for all sizes of businesses. Easier access and use, no-hassle updates, and cost savings are all great reasons to join the cloud evolution. Companies seeking ERP, BI and accounting systems can find Sage, Acumatica, and other products that scale up as your business grows and provide powerful accounting, inventory management, and other features to boost efficiency.

Leveraging the Cloud

If you’re already using some cloud-based systems but other off-cloud systems, consider moving everything to the cloud.  At ASI, we work with companies to implement cloud-based solutions that fit their business needs. ASI offers Acumatica and Sage 100 among other cloud-based systems. For more information on how ASI can help you gain the most from your systems, contact us today.