Accounts-Payable-Update-in-Sage-100-ERPSome of the new features in Sage 100 ERP 2013 – like Visual Process Flows – are high profile and get all the attention. Then there are new features that fly under the radar, but are perhaps just as important to your business.  So here are some enhancements in Accounts Payable that we think you should know about.

Expanded Invoice Number to 20 Characters

The Invoice Number field in Accounts Payable is expanded in the 2013 release to accommodate up to 20 characters so that the entire invoice number of a vendor can be entered, exactly as it appears, minimizing the need to truncate.

For some, this added flexibility can simplify the process of matching invoices (and reduce errors) by allowing you to use the same invoice number in Sage 100 ERP as the invoice number used by your vendor.

Clearing the Clutter with ‘Inactive Vendors’ and Reason Codes

New in Sage 100 ERP Version 2013 is the ability to set Vendor status to Inactive along with “reason codes” that can be created to reference why that action was taken (No Activity in XX Days, Out of Business, Dispute, Merged, etc). All historical transactions for that vendor are maintained in the database (and can be reported on) until an authorized user chooses to permanently delete those records.

Full details of the action taken are in the audit log, and only authorized users can make a payment to a vendor with an inactive status to avoid payment mistakes. In 2013, Inactive Vendors can be hidden from view, or excluded from listings and forms for faster lookups and data entry.

NOTE: Similar “Inactive Customer” functionality is now also available in Accounts Receivable.

Cleared Check Information

In response to customer requests, the 2013 release includes the option to display and access relevant bank information in more places. For instance, cleared checks now display in Invoices, Transactions, and Check Tabs in Vendor Maintenance. You also have the option to show cleared checks in Bank Reconciliation and A/P Vendor Maintenance without having to access the Bank Reconciliation module.