Sage 100cloudA recent product update introduced the newest application now available for Sage 100cloud – Sage Budgeting and Planning. Let’s take a look at this powerful tool that enables quicker, more informed business decisions by automating and shortening your budgeting and planning cycles.

The Budgeting and Planning Challenge

While most companies acknowledge the importance of budgeting and planning, many of them struggle with an inefficient and manual process that’s time-consuming, sometimes inaccurate, and almost always frustrating for those involved. While simple spreadsheets may work for some smaller companies, that approach falls well short of what most mid-sized or larger organizations need in an environment that’s more complex, often involving multiple people and departments. That’s where Sage Budgeting and Planning comes in.

Key Features and Benefits

Whether you need to allocate a revenue target or cost projection from the top down, or consolidate several budget plans from the bottom up, Sage Budgeting and Planning accommodates your organizational structure with the following key features:

  • Plan Sheets – provides seamless integration of budget submissions from multiple departments using a familiar spreadsheet look and feel.
  • Plan Manager – the “command center” of the application, you can easily distribute, review status and revisions, lock down, and consolidate your Plan Sheets in a way that’s seamless and efficient.
  • Calculation and Analysis – apply powerful calculations and global formulas for seasonal trends and other business drivers. Also perform “what-if analysis” to change plan assumptions and reorganize budget structures to see the potential impact of changes to your plan.
  • Security and Control – comprehensive security features provide full control over use of plan sheets and authorized users as well as who can view, edit, or modify information.
  • G/L Integration – integration with your Sage General Ledger means you can transfer information back and forth without ever having to enter data more than once.

Now Available for Sage 100cloud

Sage Budgeting and Planning is now integrated with and available to Sage 100cloud customers free of charge (on a limited use basis). Multiple users and some features may require an upgrade.

Contact us if you’d like more information or want to learn how to activate and start using your free version of Sage Budgeting and Planning.