Sage recently published a pre-release guide for Sage 100 ERP Version 2014 which provides a sneak peek at all the new features and enhancements expected. Let’s take a closer look at this upcoming new release scheduled for auto-delivery download to existing customers in February or March.

Even Faster and Easier to Use

Sage 100 ERP 2014 will be packed with a collection of product-wide enhancements that make the software easier to use and make you more productive. Many of the improvements were submitted by customers like you at the Sage 100 Ideas Website including the new Auto-complete feature that helps you quickly locate customer, vendor, and item records. Simply begin typing a name or item description and Auto-complete will populate a list of closely related matches that you can select.

A new Invoice List button allows for quick invoice lookup in Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry, Repetitive Invoice Entry, and Accounts Receivable Repetitive Invoice Data Entry. Using the new flashlight icon you can easily search for invoices without having to select a customer first.

Other notable product-wide enhancements include:

  • Keep the print window open after printing or previewing of custom and financial reports.
  • Updated search defaults to the first column in the grid instead of row number when performing a “find”- which makes finding the right records fast and easy.

Cloud, Mobile, and Connected Services

Sage 100 ERP 2014 greatly expands on the cloud-technology introduced in previous versions. The Sage Data Cloud gives you the best of both worlds, connecting your on-premise ERP software with a world of add-on applications in the cloud. That way, you preserve your existing ERP investment while leveraging the cloud where it makes sense. Here’s a look at the new cloud, mobile, and connected services that work hand-in-hand with Sage 100 ERP.

Sage-100-ERP-Sage-Data-CloudReleased late last year, Sage Inventory Advisor will change the way you manage company inventory. Sage Inventory Advisor continuously monitors and analyzes your Sage ERP data to provide improved stock forecasting and optimal replenishment recommendations. This new cloud-based solution helps you reduce excess inventory and lower carrying costs while eliminating stock-outs. You will also benefit from features like supplier performance tracking and order scheduling & management.

Sage Billing and Payment is a new subscription-based application that allows you to electronically send bills and process customer payments by credit card or ACH using the click-to-pay feature. It’s easy and convenient for your customers and helps you get paid faster. Your customers also get a 24/7 self-service web portal to manage their accounts and make payments during the day, after hours, or anytime it’s convenient for them (*FULL online portal expected to be live Spring 2014).

With the new Sage Mobile Service app field technicians can use their iPhones to schedule work, optimize routes, access customer information, take before and after photos, and accept payments all while on-site or away from the office.

And lastly, Sage Mobile Sales provides your sales team with the ability to take a customer order, collect payment, and enter it directly into Sage 100 ERP anytime, anywhere. This native iPad app also provides your team with customer order history, real-time inventory stock, and an online catalog to help them close more sales and increase revenue.

Learn more at the Sage Mobile Apps Website

Sage CRM Enhancements

The integration between Sage 100 ERP 2014 and Sage CRM was completely rewritten. With an even tighter connection between the two products and the ability to more easily incorporate your own customizations, the workflow between front- and back-office is more seamless than ever.

The updated integration also provides you with the latest in mobility with new Sage CRM mobile apps and social media tools including Twitter, Yammer, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sage Intelligence Enhancements

Previously a separate installation, Sage Intelligence will now be installed with Sage 100 ERP 2014, making the process much simpler. You will be able to access Sage Intelligence through the Sage 100 Module Menus and Task tab. Enhancements have also been made to the User Interface, Report Designer, Report Manager, and Report Viewer.

Get the Pre-Release Guide

Contact us and we’ll send you a copy of the 25-Page pre-release guide with details about all the new features, technical requirements, and expected version retirements with the release of Sage 100 ERP 2014.