Protecting-Business-Data-with-Mobile-Business-TechnologyHas your company gone mobile? Allow us to rephrase – are any of your employees using their mobile devices at the office? If so, it’s time to start thinking about adopting a Company Mobility Policy. Mobile devices offer us a lot of convenience in everyday life. From being able to access our company email at home to having the ability to edit reports while waiting for our flights, the ease and convenience of mobile devices has made us increasingly reliant on mobile technology.

While there are many pros to using mobile technology in the workplace, there are also many risks, particularly for the data you so closely protect. When your employees have access to the company’s ERP, CRM and other business management solutions on their phones and tablets, the data stored within those programs can become exposed without the proper protection.

Here are a few ways to keep your business and customer data safe while utilizing the convenience of mobile devices:

  • Require all devices to be password protected. If your employees will be using the device to access company data or information (or editing the information in any way), the device needs to be password protected.  This goes for BYOD devices and company-owned devices.
  • Utilize strong passwords. Avoid using weak or common passwords, such as important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) or common phrases. Educate your employees on creating strong passwords. They should contain more than 8 characters, include both upper and lowercase letters, and have random symbols.
  • Use cloud-based apps. Not every company should transition fully to the Cloud, but having access to Cloud-based apps in addition to your on premise solution could increase not only your productivity but your security as well. By using apps in the Cloud versus downloading the content directly to your mobile device, your data is not easily accessible to prying eyes.
  • Download tracking software. Tracking software is a huge security feature that many companies go without simply for the fact that they don’t think to download it. Tools such as “Find My iPhone” can help you find lost or stolen devices before they fall into the wrong hands. This will protect your hardware and the data stored within.
  • Wipe your device before getting rid of it. As a precaution, you should always ensure that your hard drive is free of data before selling, discarding or recycling your mobile device. It’s simple enough to do but vital in securing your company data and information.
These tips, in addition to your own company data security policies, will ensure that all mobile users are doing their part to protect company (and customer information). Stay tuned for more updates on business technology and how your company can incorporate new trends into the workplace.

If your company is considering moving to a mobile-friendly business platform, contact us today. We can help you set up mobile access for your ERP and other business management solutions.