Slow Productivity and Increase Costs Result from Manufacturing Bottlenecks

Supply chain management software can make your manufacturing operations more efficient. If all goes well, it’s no problem to produce the same amount of widgets as you’ve always produced. But what if a raw materials supplier runs out of what you need or something delays a shipment? Can you adapt and adjust your supply chain to meet customer demand or react to unforeseen developments?

Supply chain software helps with these issues and much more. Supply chain management software enables you to monitor, adjust, and measure activities so that you can quickly ramp up or ramp down production when it’s needed the most.

What Causes Bottlenecks in Manufacturing?

There are several common situations that can cause bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. These include:

  1. Increased demand: Increasing demand should be met with celebration but it can cause unforeseen bottlenecks in manufacturing. This is especially true if you cannot switch equipment or supplies over to production of in-demand items quickly enough. With supply chain management software, you may be able to adjust schedules to accommodate demand.
  2. Broken equipment: Broken equipment can significantly slow down production. Using supply chain management software, you can schedule routine maintenance and other tasks for downtimes to keep your equipment in better condition and less likely to break down.
  3. Backlogs: Supply chain management software can help you examine the causes of potential backlogs. Once you understand the cause, you can take steps to rectify them.
  4. Queue time: Knowing how long each step takes is important to creating a queue that works. Supply chain management software can help you understand all of the elements that go into your business.

To fix these bottlenecks, you need a system to help you identify each problematic area. Once you’ve identified the area you can take steps to fix it. Systems such as Sage 100 and Acumatica provide details on every area of your business so that you measure, monitor, and correct any bottlenecks. With the right data, you can take your business far!

Accounting Systems Incorporated (ASI)

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