AcumaticaInventory management for retail businesses brings a host of challenges. High volumes and customer demands make integrated systems such as point of sale (POS) systems, radio frequency tags, and others a necessity.

That’s why both brick and mortar and ecommerce retailers are turning to Acumatica for their business systems and inventory management software. This cloud-based software integrates easily with third party systems for maximum efficiency and at a reasonable cost.

Acumatica Interfaces with POS Systems and Barcode Scanners

A point of sales system (POS) refers to a cash register system but also to barcode scanners that can scan items into and out of inventory. Scanners identify the item by the barcode and find it within the inventory database. Then, they deduct it from the stock at hand.

Acumatica interfaces with your POS system. It also enables a smartphone or tablet to turn into a barcode scanner, which is great for warehouse work or on-the-go inventory management. It can be synchronized with your point of sale system to enable real-time updates through web interfaces.

Acumatica is Easy to Use

The retail industry struggles with the highest turnover rates of almost any industry and the highest turnover rate since the early 2000s. Retailers struggle with turnover rates among part-time employees at 65% with retail distribution positions facing a turnover rate of 23%.

Given these numbers, it’s important to find an inventory management system that is easy and intuitive to use. A system that’s easy to use is also easy to train new employees on, and faster training means quicker ramp up time.

Acumatica meets this need by its design. Simple, intuitive dashboards make the system easy to understand, navigate, and learn. Because the application is cloud based, you can open it on any smartphone or tablet. No matter what device you use to access Acumatica, the features remain the same, so if you learn it on a store PC you’ll be able to use it on an inventory tablet just as easily.

Acumatica Grows With You

Another unique feature of Acumatica is that is can easily scale up when you need it. Product pricing is based on features, not the number of users, so if you add a seasonal storefront, pop-up store, or mall kiosk for a Christmas season or two, Acumatica can accommodate extra sites and users without costing a lot. Just access it through a web browser and you’re instantly connected to other stores and your warehouses.

Inventory Management Is Key to Profitability

Many retailers forget that sound inventory management practices are an important key to profitability. Inventory represents one of your biggest investments. It also represents an area of greatest challenge.

If you spend too much on your inventory, money is tied up in the goods themselves. Added to this is the cost of storage, such as warehousing fees. Yet, if you have too few items in stock, you’ll turn customers away and lose sales.

A good inventory management system, such as Acumatica, offers real-time information on inventory stock levels. Automatic alarms or messages that alert you when stock levels fall below acceptable levels is a great way to prevent out-of-stock messages that frustrate customers and lose sales for your business. With Acumatica, you’re in control of your inventory—it’s not controlling you!

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