RiceBran Technologies focuses on the processing and distribution of stabilized rice bran and other proprietary, rice bran-based ingredients and formulations. Until recently, the bran and germ were an underutilized by-product of the commercial rice-milling industry. Today, it is a key nutritious SRB-based food ingredient and derivative serving a global marketplace, leading to its utilization in food applications and nutraceuticals of all kinds. RiceBran Technologies now has alliances all over the world with facilities in North and South America.

As the company expanded, so did the complexity of their reporting and information requirements. Dennis Dykes at RiceBran Technologies recalls, “Our internal financial reporting and analysis preparation is complex.”

Dennis turned to Accounting Systems, Inc., (ASI) for assistance. According to Karen O’Lane at ASI, “We took the finished report that they liked and were used to seeing, and automated the process for them using the Sage 100 Intelligence module. It now pulls the information straight from their Sage 100 accounting solution into a customized and flexible report to give them the info they need at the push of a button.”

Not only did Dennis appreciate that ASI was able to replicate their report’s look and feel, but he is thrilled at the service and time savings involved. “Having our reporting automated saves us 8-10 hours per month. What used to be a tedious, cumbersome, and manual task now happens at the push of a few buttons–and it’s always accurate and reliable. This is a great financial report and we are very happy that ASI was able to automate it for us.”

Dennis added, “We recently brought in a new accounts payable coordinator, and Karen at ASI on very short notice was able to set up and conduct a webinar to train her. We love how easy she is to work with; she’s very professional, reliable, and available when we need her. We are so happy with ASI’s level of expertise and service that we’ve just started a new engagement to design a shared gross profit report. The solutions they’ve provided have given us back valuable time.”

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