Following Sage’s official acquisition of the Production Management product code from its original developers, Sage 100 2022 has been released without needing a separate Production Management install. Additionally, four core modules are now available. Here’s what to expect from this highly anticipated release.

New Product Management Functions

Previously available as a separate installation, Production Management is now a part of Sage 100. There are also helpful new functions that will make your work easier, including:

Employee Maintenance: Using the Employee Maintenance window, you can add telephone details, email addresses, payment methods, and autopay hours.

Labor Entry: Payroll is now simplified by importing labor entries using the Labor button on the Pay Cycle window. Putting your labor into a primary and secondary grid will help you better understand how it is utilized. 

Materials Management: The Materials Where-Used Inquiry will provide up-to-date materials usage information in work tickets or templates.

Work tickets: This new functionality will allow you to manage work tickets and steps; define default classes on work ticket templates, including Labor and Material and Cost Completion methods; use Visual Process Flows, and add attachments to work tickets.

Enhanced Visual Process Flows

The Sage 100 2022 update includes updated functionality for Visual Process Flows to make designing your ideal flow easier. Here are some of the new features:

Additional Improvements

In addition to the improved functionality listed above, Sage 100 2022 has some implemented fixes, including “Quotes” and “Allow employees with other pay cycles for bonus and commissions” checkboxes in receivables to make it simpler to find customer quotes and critical order data, and issue extra pay runs for bonuses, etc.

Inventory management is simplified with check boxes for types of orders, and inventory images now also support .jpeg, .png, and .tiff files. If Production Management is installed, you can also include work ticket quantities in the quantity available calculation when running the Inventory Management setup wizard.

It Keeps Getting Better 

Sage 100 keeps getting better in response to customer feedback, and the 2022 version is the response to this feedback. The new Sage 100 2022 offers ease of use, minimal repetitive manual processes, and increased productivity. 

If you’re considering an upgrade, talk to the experts at ASI to learn how Sage 100 is continually improving to make our customer experience better. Contact us today for a free consultation.