With the launch of Sage 100 2022, there’s a collection of newer features that were previously available only to Sage 100 subscription holders, but are now available to all users, including these time-savers:

Spell Check: A red line appears beneath misspelled words. You can right-click the word to view a list of suggestions, ignore the misspelling, or add it to your custom dictionary.

Full Text Search in Lookups: In Lookup views (Search list), you can select Full Text. Your search criteria are then matched against all text in the records instead of just a single field.

Theme Maintenance: This task delivers even more control over customizing the appearance of Sage 100 windows.

Document Date Warnings: allows you to display a warning message when a user enters a date that is outside of settings defined in Company Maintenance.

Community-Inspired New Features

A number of new features were introduced in Sage 100 2022 that were inspired by Sage customers and partners:

  • Exclude Inactive Items from Lookups
  • Option to Save Date Selections for Reports
  • More Options When Uploading Images (JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • View Order Type, Ship Date, and Expire Date in History

Keep the ideas coming!