Sage 100 can help you increase the speed with which you deliver products to your customers. The faster you can deliver products to market, the more you can boost revenues and keep customers. Sage 100 helps improve speed, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Have you ever noticed how having the right tools for the job helps you get the job done faster? That’s one of the ways in which Sage 100 ERP boosts speed.

Sage 100 Improves Supply Chain Visibility

ERP systems like Sage 100 improve supply chain visibility. They offer everyone in your organization a window into the supply chain. Using the dashboards in Sage 100, you can:

  • Determine the current workflow
  • Check on supplies 
  • Evaluate time to delivery of materials
  • View cash flow, payment status, and more
  • Find out whether you need to order more raw goods
  • View inventory of materials, parts, or completed items

All this information shared across multiple departments in your company improves supply chain visibility as well as the ability to make faster, better decisions. If you know you’re running low on raw materials, you can reorder quickly. This keeps the production line running without delays or interruptions. The more days of uptime you have, the faster you can complete an order.

Sage 100 Builds Predictive Analytics

Another way in which Sage 100 boosts speed is its ability to help you build predictive analytics. Data obtained from past orders, along with an analysis of current orders, can help you predict future orders. Accurate predictions enable you to:

  • Order materials in bulk to obtain the best cost without over-ordering
  • Add staff to handle peak production times
  • Better manage cash flow
  • Schedule routine equipment maintenance away from peak production times to avoid costly delays

By embracing predictive analytics, you can improve shipping times and lower costs by ordering in bulk, both excellent means to increase profits and speed without compromising delivery or quality.

Sage 100 Enhances Distribution

The faster you can get products to market, the more you can increase production and profits. An ERP system such as Sage 100 helps enhance distribution by providing you with the data you need to manage vendors. You can monitor all the data entering the system and add carryover information, individual purchases, ordering, or billing.

Distribution processes are unique to each business, and Sage 100 offers the flexibility to customize your dashboards and data entry so you can adapt it to your company’s distribution process. This added flexibility, along with enhanced data visibility, enables you to ship quickly with greater accuracy. Drop shipping can also be managed through your ERP dashboard, yet another plus to build speed into your systems.

Faster, Cheaper, Better? Yes, It’s Possible!

There’s an old diagram showing a triangle with each point marked, “Faster, cheaper, better.” Under it are the words: “Pick any two.” The idea is that you can’t have all three in any system. One must be sacrificed for the benefit of another. ERP systems can’t, by themselves, fix everything in your business, but they can help you produce and ship goods faster and less expensively if you use the data found in the system wisely. As for better, improving quality is always a bit easier when you have the relevant data such as repeat orders or repeat customers, both of which indicate high-quality goods or experiences.

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