Sage 100Automating Your Customer Activities

Your business spends a lot of time interacting with your customers, and most of those activities fall into two buckets:

  • Transactional (place order, pay invoice, request RMA, etc)
  • Requests for information (check price, check inventory, request tracking, etc)

Your Sage ERP system holds all the data needed to conduct these customer interactions, but did you know this data can be unlocked so the customers can self-service most of these activities? Integrating your website with your Sage ERP system can also enable tools to help your inside and outside reps get, keep, and grow customers.

Your Website: Open 24/7

Providing a platform for managing customer activity allows your customers access outside the normal workday hours of your office, or those of your sales/customer service reps. This helps your business grow beyond the traditional boundaries of business hours and time zones—even when your ERP system is offline.

Improved Employee Output

By letting your customers move to an automated self-service model, you free up your reps to focus on more important things: finding new customers, building relationships, and growing your business. If you already have a website taking orders, and your employees are re-keying them into your Sage system, switching to an integrated solution will reduce your order entry errors—to zero.

More Than Just a Cart

When people hear the word “e-commerce,” they tend to think of one thing: a shopping cart. Today’s B2B platforms, however, are much more than a shopping cart, or a product catalog. Customers expect their pricing, their products, and their order/invoice history from your website.

It’s not just your customers who are demanding more, though. If you sell through sales reps or manufacturer reps, they need those same capabilities and data access—as both themselves and on behalf of their customers—and more.

A complete Customer Activity Management (CAM) platform, like the one offered by Website Pipeline, offers these tools to your customers and your sales reps. Platforms like these also serve a third audience—your other websites and applications. The data can pass from your CAM platform into mobile apps, customer-specific websites, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Your Customers Are Ready

Your customers want to move beyond phone, fax, and email. Your reps want to focus on things that grow the business.

Isn’t it time to let your customers conduct their business with you on their terms? 

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