Whether you’re already using Sage Intelligence Reporting or holding on to FRx for as long as possible, you’ll be happy to learn about some great new features that were recently introduced.  Let’s take a look the smart new enhancements to business intelligence reporting in Sage 100 ERP.

New Report Designer Add-In

Sage Intelligence already features a handy Report Designer module that allows you to create new reporting formats using a simple drag-and-drop interface.  But with the new Report Designer Add-in announced at Sage Summit earlier this year, you have even more control over all aspects of reporting design and layout.  The add-in features additional drag-and-drop Excel financial formulas that provide more flexibility to create highly customized reports.  It also works in conjunction with a new In-Memory processing engine that delivers fast performance.

See It in ActionWatch this short video to get a glimpse of how the new Sage Intelligence Report Designer Add-in works.

Reporting Trees

A while back, we also saw the introduction of Reporting Trees which allow you to create a visual model of your company reporting structure without changing the underlying financial data.  This recent enhancement for Sage Intelligence Reporting is perfect for organizations that have a hierarchical structure in which departments (or other business units) report to one or more higher level units.  Watch this short Reporting Trees Overview video to see it in action.

Free Report Templates

A number of free report templates have recently been made available for use with your Sage Intelligence Reporting module.  In fact, an entire Free Report Templates Group has been created on The B.I. Community to foster a spirit of sharing among your fellow Sage customers and third-party developers.  The group is part of a vision to fuel a proliferation of reports beyond the standard templates that ship with the Sage Intelligence module.

P.s. If you’re using Sage Intelligence Reporting and haven’t already joined The B.I. Community for Sage 100 ERP, go online and check it out today.  You’ll get access to demo videos, product specs, downloads, chat rooms, discussion forums, and everything else you need to get the most out of your Sage 100 intelligence reporting tool.

Sage Intelligence Reporting White Paper

If you want to learn more about Sage Intelligence reporting including straight talk about replacing FRx, Contact Us for a copy of this free white paper packed with information and things you need to know about Sage Intelligence.