Sage-ERP-Sage-Inventory-Advisor-UpgradeAnnouncing Lower Flat Fee Setup Cost!

We’re excited to announce a new, lower setup fee for Sage Inventory Advisor which is now a flat $2,250 – regardless of whether you’re tracking 5 or 500,000 items.

The setup fee for Sage Inventory Advisor previously ranged from $2,200 to $9,000, depending on the number of SKULs (Stock Keeping Units by Location). As you can see, the new flat fee is on the low end of that range!

Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize inventory levels, reduce stock-outs, lower carrying costs, and improve fill rates with Sage Inventory Advisor.

Contact us directly to learn how Sage Inventory Advisor can connect to your Sage ERP data or click here to learn more.