Mobile-Business-Solutions-GrowthAs new technology emerges, many businesses are reexamining their current technology strategy and assessing whether it’s time to move to more modern solutions. Cloud computing has opened up new levels of communication and allowed businesses to access their data and reports in a variety of settings (not limited to the office). Mobile solutions have also emerged as key players in the business world, and many employers are incorporating bring-your-own-device policies and a variety of other mobile trends.

Mobility provides the flexibility many of today’s businesses need. Rather than being tied down to their desks, mobile solutions give employees the tools they need to become more competitive and productive in and out of the office. By adopting mobile business solutions, many businesses can change the way they work and proactively react to business changes as they occur.

Cloud Computing Boosts Mobile Growth
The introduction of Cloud computing has spurred the growth of mobile business solutions and has enabled businesses around the world to access crucial business data on-the-go. Unlike traditional on-premise ERP solutions, Cloud ERP software allows users to access schedules, reporting and analytics, order entry and other business functions away from the office.

The reduced IT costs, maintenance costs, and hardware costs make the Cloud a viable solution for many businesses. Companies running their business software in the Cloud should experience less IT downtime, greater productivity, and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Small and mid-sized companies tend to invest in Cloud ERP solutions because it enables them to choose how they want to deploy the software based on their needs. The Cloud gives smaller companies the opportunity to scale and grow, and data stored in the Cloud can be moved as needed.

The benefits of Cloud computing will continue to have a big influence on the adoption of mobile business solutions. Mobility is on the rise and if the Cloud is already part of a company’s infrastructure, making the transition to mobile will be seamless.

The Solution You Choose Could Make or Break Your Mobile Success
It’s important to choose the right solution when it comes to mobile (and Cloud) business solutions. Before you decide to go mobile, you need to review your business’ needs regarding mobile access and design a plan that works for your business. Start out small; don’t bite off more than you can chew. Ease your way into the Cloud, and integrate mobile solutions slowly.

Knowledge is power, and your IT professionals must possess some knowledge regarding the Cloud and mobile solutions to ensure a smooth and seamless integration. If implemented correctly, mobile business solutions can transform the way your company works. By giving your employees the option to work from anywhere at any time with the ability to access the company’s data within your company’s ERP solution, you are giving your business the tools it needs to succeed.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud computing and discuss whether the Cloud is a viable solution for your business, contact us today. We are committed to staying current with today’s business technology trends and can help you decide with embracing Cloud and mobile trends is the right avenue for your particular business.

Stay tuned for more information regarding mobile business solutions (and other technology trends) and the impact they are having on today’s businesses.