In the aftermath of the recent crisis, it’s time for HR leaders to look to the future and ask: what’s next? And what will be the biggest challenges in the years to come?

New research from Sage helps answer these questions and tells us the five emerging trends that HR leaders need to be aware of to stay ahead of the competition.

17 HR and people experts weighed in on the top five HR trends, and insights HR leaders need to know to stay relevant by 2030. Here is what they found to be the most significant trends for 2030.

1.    Flexible working

More than 50% of employees are looking for the ideal work-life balance. They want to make a difference in the world in an organization that truly values and respects them, and this desire will only grow over the next decade.

In a world where employee expectations are rising, HR will have to provide authentic, tailored employee experiences that empower people to do their best work. Flexible work is a perfect way to accomplish this.

2.    Flexibility, fluidity, and agility

Today’s changing business landscape requires tremendous agility and a flexible mindset in planning HR strategies, executing them, and evaluating them. HR leaders need to change gears quickly in response to changing priorities.

With agility and confidence, HR will prepare and lead organizations through any crisis, regardless of how unexpected it is.

3.    People analytics to drive business impact

Over the next ten years, HR organizations will have fully developed people analytics beyond just data collection and reporting. It will play a key role in driving business impact across the organization.

HR will be about more than simply “human relations,” it will be about driving profits and contributing to the bottom line.

4.    Automation Trends Will Strengthen HR

Automating HR processes will allow HR leaders to focus on what matters while taking on a more significant leadership role across organizations. Automation will enable them to concentrate on their people and build great experiences for them.

5.    DEI Will Grow

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are still far from being a reality for companies, and employees already expect and deserve more than just empty phrases. Instead of just offering classes or building an internal committee, diversity and inclusion must be integrated into all HR and organizational processes until it becomes the norm.

The Future Is Now

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