While Acumatica software has only been around since 2008, this software has grown extensively in the last dozen years to be one of the fastest-growing cloud ERP companies. Because of its cloud-based nature, Acumatica’s solutions easily scale with a business as it grows, and its open-source coding facilitates add-on apps and extensions from third parties to boost its already powerful base.

Acumatica is also quick to innovate, and this year is no exception. With its latest addition of voice recognition and search, as well as machine learning, Acumatica continues to capitalize on new and emerging innovations to keep pace with changing technology and evolving customer expectations. Here are some of the hottest innovations you can expect to see from Acumatica this year.

Acumatica Manufacturing Adds Voice Recognition

In 2011, Google launched its voice-enabled search and Apple introduced us to the ubiquitous Siri for iPhone users. Since then, the popularity of voice search has grown exponentially. Comscore predicts that, this year, at least half of all online searches will be voice searches. Even Google recently discussed BERT, technology that powers natural language processing and makes its voice search even more powerful.

As people grow more accustomed to speaking to Alexa, Siri, and a host of other voice-activated technologies in their homes, cars, and offices, it’s natural to extend that expectation to the workforce. Enter voice recognition in Acumatica manufacturing software. The company is building zero-touch voice activation so workers can use Acumatica to look up jobs, invoices, materials, and more.

In addition to voice recognition and search, Acumatica is also exploring augmented reality through Microsoft Hololens to push the boundaries of hands-free automation even further. There may come a day when a headset or a voice terminal is all you need to check on an order, queue up the next job on the factory floor, or speak with someone in receiving to check on supplies.

Building Intelligent Machine Learning

In addition to improvements in voice recognition and the potential for natural language recognition, intelligent machine learning is also on deck for the future of Acumatica manufacturing. The company is looking at machine learning as a possible way to make search, operations, support, and data entry more responsive and efficient, while also less intrusive in the work environment.

Machine learning enables computers to learn from data inputs and repeated actions. A data entry clerk may find their screen more than halfway complete before finishing their input, while a customer support clerk may see frequently asked questions “learned” by the system pop onto the screen as soon as they begin a phone call with a customer.

Acumatica Manufacturing: Making Great Software Better

As Acumatica manufacturing software proves, there’s always opportunity to turn something great into something excellent. Already well known for its successes in coordinating production planning, material purchasing, and shop floor scheduling, Acumatica Manufacturing enhancements can help drive your manufacturing production to the next level. Combined with adaptable cloud and mobile technology that delivers anytime, anywhere, on any device, Acumatica has what you need for right now and into the future.

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