Cloud computing is no longer that “space age” concept that’s right for other companies, but not yours. It quickly becomes a necessity to keep pace with the changing work environment and maintain your competitive edge.

Changing from a seat-based legacy system to a cloud system may be challenging. Some employees may prefer to use the older systems or may be more comfortable with legacy systems even if they aren’t doing exactly what you want them to do. Others may fear that they’ll lose their special status as the “system guru,” the person who knows what to do to handle the legacy systems’ quirks and foibles.

One way to help people overcome their insecurities as you begin the migration to a cloud-based system is to emphasize the benefits of cloud computing over legacy systems. Every new software package requires a learning curve, but by emphasizing the benefits of a new cloud system, you can help people enthusiastically embrace the learning curve and move to the cloud.

Preserve Data No Matter What

Have you ever lost your wallet, pocketbook or purse, or briefcase? It’s easy to misplace something when you’re tired, distracted, or traveling. If you’ve ever had that sinking feeling that you’ve lost something important, you know how hard it can be to replace what’s been lost.

For example, if you keep data on a USB drive, it can be easy to lose it when traveling. Consider a person rushing to catch a train or a flight to an important client meeting. He slips the USB drive into his coat pocket as he rushes to hail a cab. Pulling out his gloves, the USB drive tumbles to the curb. The employee doesn’t notice that the USB drive containing his entire sales presentation—the one he worked for hours on last week—is gone. He can’t retrace his steps because he doesn’t know it’s missing. It’s only when he gets on the plane that he realizes the drive is missing, but then it’s too late. Frantic calls and a MacGyver-like response from the admin team can help, but he’s still dealing with problems he wouldn’t have had if he had hosted his data on the cloud.

With a cloud-based system, the presentation could be hosted on the internet-accessible server. Once at the client’s office or at his hotel, the same salesperson could have arrived at his destination and calmly downloaded the presentation. No worries, no problem, no lost USB drive.

Computers break down. Memory sticks get lost, written over, or misplaced. Problems happen. But with a cloud-based approach, you’ll never worry about losing valuable data again.

Easily Collaborate with Teams

Many workplaces today offer flexible working arrangements. The prevalence of online communication technologies such as Skype, Trello, Slack, and project management systems enable people to work from wherever they have computer access. They can work from home on a snowy day or log in while traveling to update their accounts.

Older legacy systems were never set up for online collaboration and communication. Data updates can lag behind real-time updates. The system may not permit more than a handful of users on it at any one time. It may be cumbersome to use, or even unavailable offline.

Cloud-based systems offer unlimited flexibility and expansion so that they can accommodate a few users at a time or many. Access can be the same for anyone logging on, whether they are at company headquarters, working in the warehouse, or at home tending to a sick child. Cloud systems make it feel as if you’re all working in the same location. You can collaborate and share data more easily, no matter where you are located.

Peace of Mind

Let’s get back to our intrepid imaginary sales person. Not only did he lose his USB drive while hailing a cab, but he had his laptop stolen at the airport while his back was turned. He’s got some bad luck for sure.

If you were that person, the natural response would be pure panic. Not only does losing your laptop mean that valuable data has been compromised, with older legacy systems, software can be lost too. Unless you can find the disk and the registration paperwork, you may be stuck without your software. If you’re traveling and buy a new computer, you’re still out of luck—you may not be able to access the software you once had loaded on your laptop. You certainly won’t be able to replicate the data that was on the hard drive if it wasn’t backed up anywhere.

Cloud-based systems ensure that not only is your data secure, but your software is secure, too. Because software isn’t hosted on individual machines, you can log on from a borrowed, rented, or newly purchased laptop and use the same system to which you were accustomed. It’s a seamless, simple, and easy way to use software and services.

Acumatica Cloud ERP Software from ASI

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