Expected for release any day now, Sage 100 ERP 2013 will also include a service pack update for your Sage CRM software (SP2 for Sage CRM Version 7.1).  This update will feature new enhancements and tighter integration to your ERP application.  Here’s a look at what to expect.

Multi-Company Sage CRM

Customers that are running more than one company or division can now map multiple Sage 100 ERP companies to a single Sage CRM database. 

This provides decision makers with a consolidated view of all customer-facing activities while sales and customer service staff can move efficiently between all their customers and prospects across ERP companies and divisions.

Sage CRM Quick Order Entry

New Quick Order Entry screens will be available for Sage 100 Advanced and Premium ERP and can be used in addition to the current standard order entry screens.

This new quick order entry feature will enable ERP quotes and orders to be processed from within the Sage CRM interface without installing Sage 100 ERP on the sales person’s workstation, nor require an additional ERP user license to access accounting-related screens.  A time and money saver!

Safe Upgrades for Sage CRM

New safeguards will be introduced that preserve your Sage CRM customizations when installing a CRM patch or service pack. If the Sage CRM SDK or in-product customization tool components were utilized to develop the Sage CRM customizations, they will not have to be reapplied following an update. This will streamline implementation of patches and service packs, and make them easier to apply.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Earlier versions of Sage CRM were primarily tested and optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer. But with the Service Pack included in Sage 100 ERP 2013, Sage CRM now runs on your choice of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari.

In addition to making Sage CRM compatible with any of the 4 popular web browsers, Sage removed dependency on Internet Explorer plug-ins (like Active X) in order to use features like Document Drop or Mail Merge.

Since Mail Merge no longer relies on Microsoft Word or the Active X plug-in, you can create HTML templates and merge data from within the Sage CRM user interface.  What’s more, enhancements to Document Drop will allow you to drag and drop multiple files (i.e. customer correspondence or price lists) in a single task.

Don’t Forget Your Sage CRM License!

Don’t forget that if you’re running Sage 100 ERP Version 4.5, Sage CRM is already installed and ready for you to use for Free.

All Sage 100 ERP customers on a current maintenance plan get a free Sage CRM license.  So if your company hasn’t yet taken advantage of all that CRM can offer, maybe now is the time to give it a test drive.  And be sure to contact us if you need help activating your free module and license or would like some training to get started.