tips-and-resources-for-sage-100-erpNow that support for FRx has officially ended, it’s time to start thinking about converting those reports and settings to Sage 100 ERP Intelligence Reporting. Here are some guides, videos, and resources that will help the process along.

Using the Report Designer Add-in

Using Microsoft Excel, the Report Designer Add-in simplifies the entire conversion process by allowing you to map to the FRx building blocks (Rows, Columns, and Reporting Trees), convert your report layouts, add formulas, and save the designs as new Sage Intelligence reports.

As an enhancement for the basic Report Designer, the Report Designer Add-in not only simplifies FRx report conversion, it also provides extended design controls that are ideal for companies with highly complex or customized reporting requirements that change often or on-the-fly.

By breaking down a report into configurable and reusable building blocks, the Report Designer Add-in provides maximum flexibility for customers that want to design reports, from the ground up, to exact specifications.

Download Report Designer Add-in FAQs for details >>

Watch a Demo of the FRx Conversion Process Using the Report Designer Add-in >>

FRx Conversion Guide

A comprehensive guide is available to walk you through the conversion process using the Report Designer Add-in.  This 57-page document provides screenshots, detailed instructions, and step-by-step examples.

Download the Conversion Guide >>

System Requirements

Before you can use the Report Design Add-in to convert FRx reports, your system must have the following components installed/updated:

  • FRx Version 6.7, Service Pack 11
  • Sage 100 ERP Version 4.5 or Later
  • Sage Intelligence Report Manager, Report Designer, and Report Designer Add-in (and the optional Connector module for multi-company consolidations)
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 32 Bit

Getting Help

If you aren’t completely familiar with the underlying components like FRx, Sage Intelligence, or Microsoft Excel, this conversion process can be tricky. So please be sure to contact us if you need guidance. As your Sage 100 support provider and technology partner, we’re here to help!