ERP software can enable companies to solve problems and overcome difficulties, but businesses need to ensure employees receive proper training for ERP implementation to be a success. A new survey from the International Association of Administrative Professionals found that many office workers receive fewer hours of training from employers every year as businesses move toward cloud technology. Approximately 3 million employees in the U.S. are responsible for their own training, according to the results.

Impact of technology on training

Technology has changed the office landscape. A majority of companies surveyed reported they would utilize cloud technology in the near future, and 71 percent said mobile and the cloud would account for all or most of the business tasks. The growth of mobile technology has allowed the number of telecommuters to increase significantly in the past several years, and these remote workers may not receive as much training as those who work in the office.

Technology may advance faster than employees can keep up without assistance. Three of four administrative professionals reported their biggest challenge at work is keeping up with changing technology. Without support, adapting to new systems can be a daunting process. Employees can’t get the most out of new systems unless they receive proper training.

Get the most out of ERP implementation with training

Companies can improve profits and efficiency with an ERP system, but it is important for employees to receive proper training for the organization to fully recognize the benefits of the software. If employees do not receive enough coaching, they can be resistant to ERP implementation, according to IT Web. ERP software can make work life easier, but they first need a good understanding of how it functions.

Employers need to clearly communicate ERP goals to employees so everyone has an understanding of what their role in the implementation will be. All members of the organization need to be on board with the process for an implementation to be successful, according to IT Web.

Managers should be sure employees attend ERP training sessions and practice before the system goes live, because any down time could be detrimental to the business. Employers sometimes incorrectly assume that once the ERP system is implemented, workers will have a clear understanding of how to use the new information they can access. Companies cannot become more efficient if users do not have a clear understanding of ERP software. Employees can be bogged down with information unless they are taught to interpret it.

Companies can reach the promised efficiency benefits of ERP only if the software and employees work together. Once employees know how to use ERP software, they may not need as much assistance, but it is important that they receive adequate training in the beginning. ERP systems can allow companies to make higher profits and increase efficiency, but they shouldn’t neglect training the employees who will use the software every day.