Companies that deal with a lot of data and use it to refine their operations might not realize how beneficial enterprise resource planning can be. The information businesses collect with ERP technology is worthwhile in an abstract manner, but many companies suffer from intractable inertia that keeps them from mixing things up.

With the economy as volatile as it is, many organizations have decided on a course of action that allows them to pursue diversification. For example, one firm might realize that having a fallback option for product distribution is the best thing for them. Another could have judged a particular market to be too unpredictable and reasoned that other geographic regions are more appropriate.

No matter the reasons and ultimate conclusions, companies should be prepared to expand the number of products they ship, places in which they do business and even staff members they employ. Consider the following ways enterprise resource planning applications help to facilitate this.

It’s safe to say not every single product or item is made the same way as another. However, it’s also true the more data a company has about how to best manufacture and distribute goods, the more they’ll be able to extrapolate to other types. Consequently, enterprises should consider ERP technology to help them keep good records of what they currently produce. Therefore, when the market dictates that other avenues are more successful, the switch will be less financially and logistically challenging.

The same principle applies to different parts of the country or even various markets around the world. A strategy that works particularly well in a certain state or metropolitan area doesn’t translate perfectly everywhere else, but the experience of dealing with a lot of related data will be invaluable when it comes time to extrapolate the same information to other zones.

One of the most frustrating aspects of running a large enterprise in any industry is the fact that it’s difficult to find the right collaborators and suppliers. Either an organization doesn’t provide enough of what a company needs or the price of quality is far too steep. Researching clients and business partners is time-consuming and resource-intensive work, so the only way to diversify a business plan without straining a company’s capabilities is to do so with a lot of data on hand. Fortunately, enterprise resource planning software can usually provide this.