Summary of New Features in the Latest Release

Sage CRM 2023 Release 1 is now available. Let’s take a look at what’s new and noteworthy in the newest version.

Easier File Editing

You no longer need to install a plugin to view and edit a file attached to a Company or Task or created using the Mail Merge feature.

With Sage CRM 2023, you now download the file locally, open and edit it in a relevant application, and then upload the file back to Sage CRM.

It’s a much faster and easier way to edit file attachments compared to the process in earlier versions of the software.

New Company Narrative Tab

Sage CRM 2023 R1 uses artificial intelligence to generate and display a narrative report containing an executive    summary and business insights for each Company.

This new feature automatically analyzes the sales, customer service, and communication data and presents it as a short and easy-to-understand narrative report on a ‘Narrative’ tab displayed for each Company.

The narrative report takes into account the security policies existing in Sage CRM, so that the generated information is tailored to the user who is accessing the Narrative tab.

In short, this AI-driven narrative approach is much more informative and engaging than static data alone. It summarizes intelligence without having to look across records and converting raw data into useful information.

Other Notable Enhancements

Import Email to Cases and Custom Entities

A previous Sage CRM release enabled the import of email messages to Companies, Persons, and Opportunities. In Sage CRM 2023, you can now also import emails into Cases and custom entities.

File Name Extension Control

System administrators can configure an allowlist to restrict the file types that users can upload to Sage CRM. If a file name extension is missing from the allowlist, the upload of the file is blocked.

Customized Sage CRM Login Screen

Admins can now position custom logos as well as change the background of the entire login screen, offering better control over the look and feel of an individual installation.

Be sure to contact us if you have questions about Sage CRM 2023 or need help with an upgrade to the latest version.