accounts payable automationThe world has been turned on its side by technology. We have devices in our pockets that let us talk to people next door or around the world by voice or video, let us ask automated assistants for the weather or our favorite playlist, and let us pay for an online purchase with our fingerprint or face. And yet, for all that technology, paper is still the top way organizations receive invoices.

Keeping those piles of paper minimized and organized takes intention and could be better managed through automation. Taking that first leap into the digital world can be scary but we promise it will be worth it.

  • Eliminate accounts payable data entry
    Data entry is essential but it’s also … boring. Not to mention it can create a bottleneck in your AP process. Automated solutions will eliminate data entry and upload digital data that feeds into your accounting and ERP systems.
  • Streamline approvals across teams, departments, and companies
    Moving from hand-signed paper invoice approvals to electronic approvals will eliminate one of the most common delays in invoice approval. Easily denote who should have approval access when in the workflow and let your automation software do the rest.
  • Get full visibility through enhanced reporting
    Modern business demands a higher level of governance and transparency from organizations. Automating your process will eliminate human error while also making it simple to have full visibility into all your AP data with on-demand reports. Drill down into historical data for exactly what you need.
  • Seamless accounting software integration
    Not all online accounting software is created equal. The best solutions will integrate back to your ERP, allowing you to import transactions from your software. For example, Sage AP Automation integrates with most mainstream accounting systems to import all lists.
  • Automate electronic payments
    Finally, full-cycle AP automation includes automated electronic payments. Eliminate manual vendor payment processing, such as signing and mailing checks, to bring your process full circle and achieve a higher level of data visibility and control.

Automation Station

With data entry out of the way, and the AP process sped up by offerings such as automatic approval routing and internal controls, there’s so much more you can do. Still on the fence about automation? Download the Sage AP Automation white paper, “Work Smarter: How Accounts Payable Automation Empowers Accounting Teams.”

But whether you’re on board or still undecided, we still want to talk to you. Let ASI help you find the AP Automation solution you need, Check in with us online or call us at 830-252-6154.