It would be easy to create a list of happy customers who have found success with Acumatica Cloud ERP, but let’s be honest. If you’re asking why you should choose Acumatica, you want to know what this ERP solution can do for you.

Manufacturers have specific needs that are different from other types of businesses. That’s exactly why Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is the best business management solution.

Acumatica for Manufacturing

The best ERP solution is one that is customized for your unique business requirements from someone who takes the time to understand what those requirements really are. Instead of being just another sale, you become an individual whose professional needs are being heard and met.

From apparel to aerospace and everything in between, Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition offers an extensive suite of connected business applications designed for production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, product configuration, and manufacturing data collection.

Improves Efficiency and Minimizes Costs

Acumatica provides many benefits, such as improved manufacturing efficiency. Data, systems, and processes can be linked on a platform that can grow and adapt as you do.

Making inventory management more efficient and improving supplier collaboration will guarantee materials are available when you need them. You can also ensure schedule adherence with time-phased Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and finite capacity scheduling.

You’ll also see greater efficiency through streamlining processes with backflushing and barcoding, resulting in lower costs. And because it’s a comprehensive ERP with unlimited user licensing, you’ll minimize IT costs as well. 

Better efficiency will improve profits, maximize resources, and reduce costs.

Business Intelligence

Accurate business intelligence is essential for making smart decisions for your organization and for improving customer satisfaction. You can accomplish this with predefined and custom-configured dashboards for real-time information including alerts for low-stock, machine down-time, excessive costs or time, and other production metrics.

Connect manufacturing estimates, product configuration, and orders with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for better service and happy customers. Real-time data also allows you to reduce manufacturing cycle times for improved fulfillment and higher product quality.

The Smart Choice

So why do more and more manufacturers choose Acumatica? Because it’s the smart choice for companies who want to prepare their manufacturing businesses for continued growth. A comprehensive suite of integrated business applications provides unparalleled depth in the realms of production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, product configuration, and manufacturing data collection.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is perfect for all manufacturers. As well as providing core manufacturing, distribution, and reporting functionality, this system allows for seamless integration with third-party applications. And it does it all affordably.

Learn more about what makes Acumatica the smart choice for manufacturing businesses like yours. Contact ASI today and schedule your free consultation.