Mobile TechnologyIf there is one place where you need to be agile—responding to market or process changes quickly—it’s in the warehouse. Warehouse agility enables you to drive down costs and increase revenue. One of the best ways to increase agility is through using mobile technology in the warehouse.

Mobile technology like radio frequency hand-held devices and barcode scanners have been used successfully in inventory management for some time to provide real-time information and product tracking. However, there is great opportunity in supply chain management to conduct business processes with mobile technology as well. Mobile devices and enterprise software like Sage 100 or Acumatica Cloud ERP can be used across the entire supply chain from the front to the back of the warehouse.

  • Receiving: Capture inventory data from the point that it arrives in the dock. Using barcode technology, incoming shipments can be automatically verified against purchase orders and instructions sent to an employee’s mobile device
  • Storage: Put-away is expedited by the system providing the best path to the right storage location or outbound location. Maintain visibility without the use of a paper trail
  • Inventory Control: Replenishment is facilitated by hand-held mobile devices and barcode technology. Requests can be handled in seconds and workers directed to the right location by the quickest route
  • Order Fulfillment: Picking operations are made more efficient with accurate order and storage information
  • Packaging: Packaging operations can be automatic with error-free order validation
  • Shipping: Shipments can be scanned, verified and staged for the proper truck

Mobile technology integrated with your ERP enables agility.

Using mobile technology with enterprise software, like Sage 100 or Acumatica, provides many benefits by automating and integrating processes to keep your entire company aligned and running smoothly.

  • A mobile ERP will save costs and improve efficiency. Mobile data collection sends real-time data into your ERP system, eliminating manual entry and reporting errors. Better data means better inventory management and efficiency, which in turn leads to lower costs and higher profitability
  • Using mobile technology will result in improved performance and greater customer satisfaction. When you update and change information as it happens, replacing manually-intensive inventory processes, you can create value-added services and a seamless consumer buying experience.

Of course, there are challenges in implementing mobile technology to increase efficiencies in warehousing and distribution.

  • Devices may not be made for the abuse of a warehouse environment. In some cases, more rugged devices will be needed. Careful selection and research need to go into choosing the right technology for each process. Next-generation tablets and smartphones offer a number of advantages especially in cost, integration with other business systems, and the ability to visually communicate information
  • Technology costs can be inhibitors for small to mid-sized companies. However, in many cases, personal mobile devices offer a cheaper solution to RFID devices or other rugged devices, especially in remote locations. Web-based software models can also offer cost-savings
  • Mobile technology requires a cultural shift. With a mobile ERP, managers can move out of their offices and onto the warehouse floor. They can roam the aisles with their devices and have access to information for real-time decision-making. As employees become more comfortable with technology in their personal lives, they will be able to make the shift

Aligning your ERP with mobile technology will help you maximize efficiency and make your business more effective. We offer top ERP accounting software for small to mid-sized businesses including Sage 100 and Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Accounting System, Inc. (ASI) can help you implement technologies and software in your warehousing business that will cut costs and improve profitability. Contact us to find the best solution for your company.