Sales Tax and Compliance

Collect Sales Tax or Manage Exempt Sales?

States and districts are strapped for cash and looking for untapped sources of revenue. New and pending legislation at the state and federal levels is making sales tax increasingly more complex.

It is no longer a question of IF you will be audited, but WHEN.

Watch the videos on the right and check out the resources below to see how Avalara can take the hassle out of sales tax and help you have a plan in place long before the auditor comes knocking.

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10 Simple Questions to Understand Nexus

Many businesses assume they are only required to collect and file sales and use tax in the state where their business is located. Your sales tax obligations are not that simple! Take a couple minutes to answer 10 questions about nexus-creating activities you may not be aware of.

After completing the wizard, you’ll receive a report that shows you which states you may have nexus concerns in so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Get started with Avalara’s nexus wizard now!

Sales Tax Legislation: How does online sales tax affect your business?

A bill making its way through Congress—the Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013—would allow states to require out-of-state businesses to collect sales tax (not just internet retailers). This site helps demystify online sales tax.

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Collect Sales Tax? Watch this 4 minute video.

Manage Exempt Sales? Watch this 7 minute video.

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