Targeting the right customers has been more of an art than a science for far too long.  Because of the advanced tracking available in CRM, companies are now able to leverage that intelligence to target the exact customer they are seeking.  These four simple steps will take you from a cavernous database of names to a qualified and interested prospect.  Each step uses tools that are already included in your CRM. 

  1.  Know your Target Audience.  CRM holds a wealth of information about who has already purchased from you.  Filter a list of all of the opportunities you have won and identify what factors they have in common.  Do they all seem to be in the same region?  Are they about the same age or gender?  Identifying those commonalities will begin to paint a picture of the customer that is most likely to buy from you. Note: If you are unable to sort based on the criteria you are seeking, start asking your employees to ask the questions you need answered each time they interact with a customer or prospect.  Before long your database will be packed full of valuable information.
  2. Segment your Database. If you are launching a new product line and you would like to target men ages 20-30 that live in the Chicago metropolitan area, you can use CRM to pull a list of every person you have fitting that description.  If you don’t have enough names in CRM to move forward with a campaign, purchase a list and be specific about the information you would like to have included.   You can map the fields appropriately and easily import these into CRM.
  3. Communicate Directly with that Segment. Once you have the list compiled, generate a targeted marketing campaign in CRM.  You can create and send a personalized email campaign within CRM that will resonate with your audience.  Prospects connect with messaging that speaks directly to their interests and demographic.  Even if you have multiple segments that may buy the same product, you can target your messaging in multiple ways based on the segment you are emailing. You will be able to view the results of the email campaign within CRM and develop a call list of interested prospects.
  4. Use Social Media to Bridge the Gap. People will respond to your targeted messaging but how can you use CRM to help you connect with them on a more personal level?  Social media is embedded in CRM and can give you a very clear picture of who you will be calling.  Find them on Facebook and view their “Info” page to see what they are interested in then weave that into the conversation.  That extra touch can help you to eliminate the initial “I’m not interested” response and eventually materialize into a solid opportunity.

How have you used CRM to target the right customers?  Leave a reply below to share your best tip (there may be a prize involved for the best response!).