Mobile-CRMWe’ve talked a lot about using mobile technology to streamline business processes, stay connected with your team while away from the office, and get work done on the road. By now, you know the benefits of using mobile devices in the workplace and are even well-versed on best practices to ensure business data security and privacy. However, in spite of this knowledge, many of you are not currently using mobile solutions at all in the workplace (besides the occasional email communications on your smartphone).

Even in the sales department, mobile solutions such as mobile CRM are only being used by about half of the sales personnel, in spite of the proven benefits to your sales efforts. Mobile CRM can help your sales personnel close deals faster, work smarter, improve data accuracy, and boost your company’s profitability. If your company falls into the half not currently using a mobile CRM solution, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons why you should reconsider your decision.

  1. Mobile CRM gives you the confidence you need to win new customers and impress old ones. Every sales person knows that confidence is everything in the sales field. Knowing your products and services – and knowing them well – matters if you are going to try to convince potential customers of the quality (and benefit) of your products and services. As many know from experience, there is nothing worse than blanking on an important product or feature in the middle of sales pitch. It is truly the worst!With mobile CRM solutions, your sales teams have access to your entire CRM system, including the product catalog, customer order history, and important customer data. This instant access to important CRM data allows them to complete the sales pitch with confidence and ease.
  2. Mobile CRM helps you stay connected to your customers.
    Many companies are switching to mobile CRM platforms to keep pace with today’s fast-moving sales culture. Sales personnel are always on the go, and it is essential for them to stay informed on transactions and keep in constant contact with their customers.A mobile CRM solution will provide your sales team with up-to-date information, as well as a summary of the latest conversations with the customer so you know where you stand and can resume where you left off without having to refresh your memory during the conversation.
  3. Mobile CRM encourages social media use.
    Mobile CRM is not just a software solution; it is a customer relationship strategy. Consider using mobile CRM to monitor your company’s social media websites, develop new sales campaigns, and reach out to potential customers. Social media connects you to your customers, so what better way to increase sales than by connecting your CRM solution to your company’s social media accounts?
  4. Mobile CRM provides you with real-time customer analytics so you can customize sales plans and goals.
    When you have the opportunity to look at customer specific behaviors, you can alter your sales plans to be more appropriate for those customers in the future. Analytics can help you generate revealing statistics about quality leads, highlight what’s working and what’s not, and see the effectiveness of your sales campaigns.With mobile CRM, you have real-time access to the analytics you need to create effective sales strategies and meet sales goals. Your sales personnel can study overall sales patterns and trends within your customer data and use these findings to create personalized sales strategies for potential customers.

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