sage-crm-7.1Sales and marketing people are on the move and they need the ability to access and manage information from any device. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is following their lead and making the information more accessible and flexible with each release. Sage CRM’s latest version, 7.1, is packed with features that help managers and employees make decisions from anywhere.

Mobile Access:

  • Sage CRM for iPhone® so you can update and access real-time customer information, view customer cases and manage opportunities and leads on the move.
  • Support for Microsoft® Office 2010 so you can share your Outlook® contacts, calendar, appointments and tasks with v7.1

Dashboard Visibility:

  • Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard for users to manage their business, priorities and key accounts from a single screen
  • Connect multiple gadgets on a single dashboard for a more dynamic and complete view of your customer data
  • Flexible gadget sizing enables users to re-position and re-size gadgets on their dashboard
  • Tailored company dashboards for key accounts can be easily created for focused account management
  • Custom dashboards can be easily created by users and configured with the key data they want to view

Dynamic Reporting:

  • New Sage CRM Report Charts for even better insight on business performance
  • Incorporation of new FusionCharts 3.2 into reporting and dashboard areas
  • Charts with rotating, slicing and printing options available
  • Configurable, customizable and skin-able FusionCharts styles, fonts, backgrounds and legends

Marketing Workflow:

  • Campaign Management with new marketing workflow and the ability to clone your most successful campaigns