Service Pack 2 for Sage CRM Version 7.1 was recently released and is now available.  The primary theme of this product update is Cross browser Compatibility which means Sage CRM now runs on your choice of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Sage also snuck in a few new features and overhauled existing functionality for Mail Merge, Document Attachments, and Library Management.  Here’s a quick rundown of the enhancements in SP2 for Sage CRM v7.1.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Earlier versions of Sage CRM were primarily tested and    optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer.  But with the growing use and popularity of Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, Sage CRM customers began requesting compatibility with these additional web browsers.  In fact, it has been one of the most popular requests at the Sage CRM Ideas Hub.  Ask and you shall receive!

In addition to making Sage CRM compatible with any of the 4 popular web browsers, Sage removed dependency on Internet Explorer plug-ins (like Active X) in order to use    features like Document Drop or Mail Merge … which leads us to the next enhancements.

Mail Merge Enhancements

As part of the process of making Sage CRM cross browser compatible, the Mail Merge functionality was overhauled so that it no longer relies on Microsoft Word or the Active X plug-in.  That means you can now create HTML templates and merge data from within the Sage CRM user interface regardless of whether you’re using Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.  You’ll also find some great new HTML templates right out of the box along with an example of how much easier it is to merge Quotes and Order Line Items.  Go to Mail Merge Changes in the Sage CRM online user community for more detail about this enhancement.

Document Attachment Enhancements

Document Drop allows you to drag-and-drop files (like correspondence & price lists) and store them to customer records in Sage CRM.  It’s a feature that’s been around for a while but was previously compatible only with Internet Explorer. With SP2, Sage CRM provides an alternative to Document Drop for customers who are not using IE.

In addition, significant enhancements were added for all users/web browsers including the ability to add multiple files to a single task or customer record, view attachments with drill down, and the ability to set limits on file type, size, and quantity … all of which allow you to manage file attachments with better efficiency and fewer clicks.

Library Management

The files, documents, and attachments that make up the Library in Sage CRM can grow quickly. The new Library  Management Option provides Administrators with an overview your storage limit and the space currently being used by library items, along with tools to delete files as needed.

This feature was designed primarily with Cloud Administrators in mind as they may not have direct access to the file system.  However, even in an on-premise environment,   Administrators may not have access to the file system so they would benefit from Library Management tools as well.

Contact us if you need assistance installing Service Pack 2 for Sage CRM v7.1 or would like a copy of the detailed “What’s New” Release Guide.